Our Approach

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We work with everyone to advance human rights in business and eradicate abuse.

  • We empower human rights activists…
    We amplify the voices of the vulnerable, and human rights advocates in civil society, media, companies, and governments

We strengthen corporate accountability…

  • We help communities get companies to address human rights concerns, and provide companies an opportunity to remedy
  • We take up alleged abuse quickly and directly with companies.
  • We systematically follow up on company responses, pursuing companies that fail to respond adequately to allegations of egregious abuse.

We build corporate transparency…

  • We track the human rights policy and performance of companies in Uganda, making information publicly available. We engage with companies and governments to urge them to share information publicly.

We Research, Advocate and take Action…

  • We research to improve knowledge about our work and sharing international best practices that can be replicated in the communities we serve. We undertake legal analysis, research and advocacy in the natural resources sector and beyond and provide platforms for vulnerable communities’ participation. The outputs are policy research papers, policy briefs, assessment reports on key focus areas, and fact sheets.
  • We empower people to shape public policies so that they are just and equitable. We organize policy dialogues, advocacy clinics, national, regional and international meetings, conferences, website/social media platforms, publications, electronic/print media engagements. To achieve the desired impact, we work in partnership with local civil society organizations and communities to build their capacity through skills trainings, mentoring and accompaniment.
  • Through action, we motivate people to demand for responsible government, accountability in leadership and better governance. Because natural resource governance and exploitation can more often increase human rights risks and violations, we facilitates communities in natural resource rich areas to access justice through public interest litigation. We support communities to become more resilient to external shocks, build their capacity to advocate for transparency and accountability, monitor human rights trends and give them skills to meaningfully support the country’s development programmes. Building on human rights standards and principles, we implement livelihood actions that benefit the many marginalized members in rural communities.