Campaigns & Alliances

Joint Catholic Initiative on Natural Resources (JOCINAR):

We are a member of JOCINAR a network of different actors and organizations who have been engaged at different levels in the debate concerning the exploitation of limestones in the mining sites in Tapac Sub-County, Moroto district, Karamoja Sub-Region.Estabulished in May 2018, JOCINAR members have been coordinating the interventions of Church’s related actors and organizations concerning environmental and mining issues in Moroto Diocese, with a specific focus on communal land rights and empowerment of local communities in Tapac Sub-County.

Other than Resource Rights Africa, other members of JOCINAR are: Justice and Peace Department and Land Desk (Moroto Catholic Diocese), Uganda Episcopal Conference Secretariat, Tapac Catholic Mission, the Member of Parliament for Tepeth Constituency and representatives from the Tepeth Community in Moroto District Council, Tapac Sub-County Council, the Land Department of Tororo Catholic Diocese, and Justice and Peace Department (Kotido Catholic Diocese).

The Albertine Region Land Platform (ARLP):

ARLP is a network of over 15 civil society organizations and communities affected by the activities of Transnational Corporations (TNCs) in the oil and gas sector. These groups resist compulsory land acquisition and environmental destruction caused by oil and gas activities in the Oil-rich Albertine Graben.

ARLP is a peoples’ national response to unaccountable corporate power which provides facilitation for dialogue, strategizing, exchanging information and experiences, acting as a space for visibility of resistance and deepening of solidarity and support for struggles against land contestation between Government and the oil companies on one hand and the community members on the other.

At the same time, Resource Rights Africa organizes strategic engagement meetings with line Government Ministries and Agencies, oil companies, local government officials, including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to discuss and find solutions to the different challenges.

Karamoja Interest Group on Mining (KAMIG):

Resource Rights Africa is a member of KAMIG, a network of stakeholders comprising technical persons from the District Local Governments, artisanal and small-scale miners representatives, Civil Society Organizations and mining community institutions working on joint efforts on conflicts around mining and other mining related issues in Karamoja Sub-Region. KAMIG was mandated by the First Karamoja multi-stakeholder meeting on land and land-related conflicts supported by the GIZ/Civil Peace Service to develop partnerships that contribute to the transformation of conflicts related to mining.


To develop partnerships that contribute to the transformation of conflicts related to mining in Karamoja.


  • To bridge the information gap between mining agencies, local governments and the communities;
  • To profile or document mining issues in Karamoja sub-region;
  • To build the capacities of local governments and communities in land use, planning and group formation;
  • To foster transparency and accountability on benefits accruing from mining;
  • To lobby and create partnerships for development and advocacy; and
  • To create platforms for stakeholder engagement on mining activities.


KAMIG Membership

  • Karamoja Development Forum (KDF)
  • Ecological Christian Organization (ECO)
  • Christian Action For Rural Development (CAFORDE)
  • Advocates for Natural Resource and Development (ANARDE)
  • Resource Rights Africa (RRA)
  • Karamoja Action Research Team (KART)
  • Morulem Gold Mining Group
  • Alerek Mixed Mining Group
  • Lopusak Youth Mining Group
  • Kaabong Community Mineral Miners’ Association
  • District Local Government Moroto (District Natural Resource Office)
  • District Local Government Kotido (District Natural Resource Office)
  • District Local Government Kaabong (District Natural Resource Office)
  • District Local Government Abim (District Land Board
  • Tapac Miners’ Association, Moroto
  • Representative(s) of Rupa Mining Sites, Moroto
  • Representative(s) of Acherer Mining Site, Nakapiripirit
  • Representative(s) of Moruita Mining Sites, Nakapiripirit
  • Representative(s) of Cepkararat Mining Site, Amudat
  • Representative(s) of Morunyang Mining Site, Kotido
  • Representative(s) of Nyakwae Mining site, Abim
  • Representative(s) of Katikekile Action for Development (Moroto)