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Our work is designed to positively impact the quality of life of the people we work with. Through a range of approaches, we work with state and non-state actors so they are better able to claim their rights and manage conflicts. As a result of our work, we have seen improvements in the promotion and protection of peoples’ rights by state actors.  

We are contributing to more effective and transparent resource management and enhancing innovative solutions in climate change adaptation in agriculture. We pay specific attention to integrating gender in extractives as well as in climate change. And, in keeping within our mission and vision of human rights protection and peace work, we deliberately undertake documentation and analysis of human rights trends as a basis for policy advocacy, strategic litigation, and capacity building. By increasing awareness and holding violators of human rights accountable, we spur promotion and greater respect for human rights and peace.        

We believe that addressing structural causes of human rights abuse and their manifestations requires responses that go beyond litigation to include evidence-based analysis and research, and human rights education that will ultimately change attitudes, behaviors, practices and processes that form the bases of violations of human rights.